Sofelia Home

Welcome to Sofelia Home!Sofelia Home is a brand-new luxury villa that is just 300m away from the famous sandy beach of Stavros , known as Zorba’s beach and near to all amenities.The villa is fully equipped and combines luxury and comfort. Sofelia Home has sophisticated decor and the aesthetics of the interior does not have to envy anything from a normal house for a family. Handmade paintings are decorating this beautiful house.

The villa consists of 2 large bedrooms and it can easily accommodate up to 6 persons. The master bedroom includes 2 large double beds and the other bedroom has one more large double bed. There is also a large bathroom with shower, a fully equipped kitchen with dining table and a comfortable living room. The villa includes also satelite TV and air-condition in all rooms and alarm system . Getting outside, you will enjoy the large garden with dining area that is ideal for relaxing under the Cretan sun.

It also offers free WiFi internet access and free parking space. If you desire a unique holiday experience, one breath away from the most beautiful city of Crete, contact us today and secure your accommodation in a space that balances in absolute harmony between, comfort, beauty and ease.

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